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uc news refer earn rs 5000 offer

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Uc News Refer Earn Rs 5000 Offer – Refer and Earn Rs.5000 directly your in Bank Account by using simple method. Uc News Comes Up With Another Big Loot Where They Are Giving Free RS.5000 Directly In Your Bank Account, You are Getting Rs.100-5000 Just On Sign Up and You can Refer More Friend To Earn Points Which can Be Redeemed For Original Money In Bank. This is new offer by Uc News Team. This is a limited time offer From 13 February 2017 to 17 February 2017. So hurry up guyz, refer your friend and earn Rs 5000 for free. Read the article to know How To Redeem This Earning By Referring Your Friend.

About UC News : UC News keeps you up to date with viral stories trending on social network, breaking news & developing stories locally and globally. With our professional Cricket editor team, UC News also provides you with LIVE Cricket Scores. You’ll never miss out on any wonderful matches.

Steps To Follow For UC News Refer Earn Rs 5000 Offer :

1. First of All Download ucnews App From playstore.

Note: You can also download it from playstore.

2. Now Select Your Preferred Language and Select Your Favorite News Categories.

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3. App will redirect to Dashboard. and You will see a Banner Like Below on dashboard.

4. Open That Banner and Wait for Sometime.

5. Finally Page will Open and You will able to see Enter Code on bottom of The Page.

6. Enter this Code to Activate your Account : 10151255

7. You will See INVITE Button on Dashboard and COLLECTx1 Button Too.

8. Share your Invite Code on Social Media and Let Your Friend Join under Your Refer Code.

uc news rs 5000 unlimited trick9. When your Friend will Use Your Refer code To Join than You will able to See COLLECT Button. Click on Button to Redeem Your Money. You will get Approx Rs.163 Per Refer.

10. When You will Reach at Rs.5000 and Your Progress bar Will be at 100% then you can Redeem your Money in Bank.

How To Claim Your Earning Or Redeem Your Earning In Uc News Rs 500 Offer:

⇒ You have to first open the UC News. Then open the banner of Rs 500 offer. Now you have two option there INVITE or COLLECT.

⇒ Click on COLLECTx1 Button and you will get Lucky Amount.

Note– If you have successfully referred 2 friend then you will see COLLECT*2 and if 3 then u will see COLLECT*3 and so on. Click on it to claim your earning via referral on UC News Offer


Some Most Common FAQ About Uc News Rs 5000 Unlimited Trick

1. After referring how much friend I can make Rs 5000.

⇒ Approx 55-65. In my case, I have reached Rs 5000 by referring 64 friend.

2. How should I get the money?

⇒ You will get it in your bank account. After reaching Rs 5000 you have to submit your bank details etc. And they will review your information and transfer the money before 31 January.

3. Is PAN Card necessary?

Yes, While submitting your bank detail information you have to also fill up the PAN Card number.

4. What is the minimum amount you got?

Re 1. After reaching Rs 4000. you will get in the range of Rs 1 -10 per refer.


uc news rs 5000 hack

Prize To Be Won In UC News Refer Earn Rs 5000 Offer:

1. Rs.5000 — No winners limitation (Maximum once for each participant)

2. For winner, please ensure that your contact info is correct. UC is not responsible for wrong delivery of prize.

3. Winners should consult the prizes before 31th Dec. 2016.

4. In case participant fill in contact information many times, UC will use the latest information as the final one.UC will not release participant’s personal information to any third party

5. Any question or suggestion, please report it by clicking “Feedback” button

6. User are not encouraged to play the game for prizes with more than 1 phone. If UC find out that 1 person use 2 account to play, UC has right not to deliver prizes.

Terms & Conditions Of UC News Refer Earn Rs 5000 Offer:

1. Contest will Run From 12 December 2016 to 16th December 2016Click “Start” for your reference code to start contest.

2. You can draw for credits(1~2500)as every time your friends enter your reference code.

3. Once your credits reached 5000,then you can claim Rs.5000 cash.

4. UC will transfer Rs.5000 into winner’s bank account once all correct info been submitted before 31th Jan. 2017

5. Participant need to launch UC News to claim prize(Extra 2000~2500 credits will be given in UC News)

Hope you like this offer from UC News.

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  1. Download UC News To Get Free Rs. 2000:
    Crackes referral:Getting more sign up bonus

    First Download UC News App From Play Store .

    Install And Open The App .

    Now Choose language and Category Of News .

    Now Click On First Banner You See . “Rs. 5000 For Everyone”.

    Wait for a Minute and let that page open.

    You Will Be asked to Enter Referral Code  Enter 1488464

    After Entering Code You Will Get Approx 2000 Points If you Don’t Enter Code You Will not be eligible for refer and earn 

    You are now eligible to Invite your Friends on Uc News

    Now CLick On Collect1x option , you will get 3251 rs

    Once you Get  Rs.5000 and Process bar will be Full at 100% you can redeem your Amount in Bank.

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  7. 1. Download UC News From play store

    2. Open app and Select Your Language.

    3. Select any News category.

    4. You will see a Banner on dashboard. Click on That Banner.

    5. Wait for a Minute and let that page open.

    6. You will see ENTER CODE option below page. Enter Given Refer Code :8141798

    7. You are now eligible to Invite your Friends on Uc News.

    8. Now Click on CollectX1 Option and you will get Approx Rs. 5000.

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    Follw the steps
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