Trick To Convert Reliance Jio Welcome Offer Into Preview Offer

Trick To Convert Reliance Jio Welcome Offer Into Preview Offer

jio welcome offer into preview offer

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Hey folks, Welcome to my blog. Hope you have also got Jio sim and activated the Welcome offer successfully. In the last month, Jio has announced that it will be available for all 4G devices. If you did not get one yet then just generate barcode and grab one for free.

In Jio Welcome offer there is a restriction that you can use only 4Gb data per day. After using 4Gb you cant download any more and you have to wait for next day. But in the previous Preview Offer there is no such restriction, you can consume as much data as you want. In my case, I too used more than 15Gb data in a single day on average in the Preview offer.

So who dont want to convert it into Preview offer again and enjoy the unlimited data without any speed capping and restrictions.

So Today I will tell you How you can convert your Jio Welcome offer into Preview offer and enjoy unlimited data without such restrictions. And In my next article I will tell you How you can increase your downloading speed from 30-40 kbps to 3-5 mbps.

ABOUT JIO : Jio is a Mumbai based provider of 4G internet, mobile telephony, digital services and broadband services which began its operation from 27Dec, 2015 to their employees and Jio’s partner. It was commercially launched on Sept 5, 2016 for all.

Content : How to convert Reliance Jio Welcome Offer into Preview offer and hence bypass the 4g data limit Jio.

Follow the procedure carefully to convert Jo welcome offer into preview offer.

STEP 1– First of all and the most important of all is to download the My Jio App version 3.2.05. Download from Here

STEP 2– Now open my jio app . A pop up will show to update it , you just neglect it and dont update if you want to convert it into Jio preview offer.

STEP 3– Now just disable your mobile data or Wifi and also clear all the app in recent menu.

STEP 4– After Switching off the data, Again Open My jio App and dont update it if a pop up appears. You will get a option to Get Jio Sim. Now turn your data connection and Click on Get Jio sim and proceed further. Now signup/Signin to my jio and you will see there that Jio Preview offer has been activated successfully.
NOTE: After getting popup to update the app .You cant get back from their, So just close the app and open once again. And click on Get Jio Option as soon as possible and proceed further.

>If it gets converted to Welcome Offer again then just do the above steps to convert in into Preview offer and enjoy unlimited data without any 4Gb data limit.

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