Top Five Alternatives Of Facebook And Whatsapp Messenger

Here In this article, i will tell you the top five alternatives of Facebook and Whatsapp Messenger which you should consider for Instant Messaging.

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Both WhatsApp and Facebook has such a impact on the market that others messaging app is not able to compete with them. You can say they are the King of the market. If you search Messaging app on playstore it will definitely show WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger on top of the search result. There is no doubt that they are the best instant messaging app but there are others messaging app too which is equally good and has the extra feature which these two don’t have.

So In this article you will find the top five alternatives of Facebook and Whatsapp which you should try once and encourage your friend to join you on that.

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1.  LINE 

Line is not only Instant Messaging App but it is also Social Networking app which makes it the best alternative for both Facebook and Whatsapp. It allows free voice and video calling in addition to messaging features. It has been downloaded over 500 million times in google playstore. It also offers different type of cool stickers and a wide range of stickers is available to download.

alternative of facebook and whatsapp

It is available for Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry.

2.  HIKE 

It is the most popular instant messaging app among Indians. Even you are not having internet connection you can send anything to your friends within the range of 100m with the help of Hike Direct. It also gives free message through which you can send direct message to anyone. It is downloaded over 50 millions time sand has a average rating of 4.3*.

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alternative of facebook and whatsapp

It is available for Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry.

3.  VIBER 

It is popular mainly due to its calling features. Through this you can call any viber user in the world without paying a single rupees and it work fine even on 2G/Edge data connection. It has been downloaded over 500 millions times which makes it real competitor of WhatsApp and Facebook. With a average rating of 4.3*, It is the one of the highest rated messaging app.

whatsapp and facebook alternatives

It is available for Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry.


WeChat is getting popularity in India. It has all the features like text message, voice message, video message, image transfer etc. Like WhatsApp, It requires your phone number, and then you can send messages, share photos and more.

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facebook alternative and whatsapp alternative

It is available for all platform across Android, Windows, Blackberry, iOS


Snapchat is a fun messaging app. It is a photo and video messaging app and was launched in 2011. It is unique in the sense that all photos and videos only last a brief amount of time before they were automatically deleted. Click a picture or a video, then add a caption or doodle and send it to your friend. As your friend sees the message, it will automatically gets deleted keeping you safe and secure.
The only way to save the photo is to take the screenshot. Snapchat has an audience of teens and young adults. Snapchats protects the memory by automatically deleting the photos in 10sec.


It is available on Android and iOS platform.
Hope you try out this awesome messaging app other than Fb and whatsapp.
Thats all from now. Thank you!
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