Reliance Jio Frequently Asked Questions With Answers

Reliance Jio Frequently Asked Questions With Answers

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Reliance Jio Frequently Asked Questions With Answers, Reliance Jio FAQ

Hey Folks, Today I am here to solve all your query related to Reliance Jio sim card and its activation. Hope you have also got Jio sim and activated the Welcome offer successfully. In the last month, Jio has announced that it will be available for all 4G devices.So If you did not get one yet then just generate barcode and grab one for free.

There are still many queries related to Reliance Jio which has not been solved by the Jio user like How to generate barcode, How to do unlimited from 2Gb etc. So we have decided to make a separate post to answer all these asked questions. I will try to answer all the queries related to Jio here in this post. if you still have any query left then ask it in the comment section below, We will be happy to clear your doubt.


Reliance Jio Frequently Asked Questions/ Jio FAQ:-

1 . How To Do Unlimited??

For the first time, you will get only 2Gb data, 100 min calling and 100 SMS. So many users asked this questions How to do unlimited after utilizing these 2Gb data, 100 min calling and 100 sms. This is the most asked question and  Here is the simple answers to this, Just log in to your My Jio account, Then wait for few seconds, a popup will appears showing to download four apps. If you have already downloaded that four app then just Submit it. If you have not, then first download all these four apps and after downloading Submit it. Your unlimited data will be activated.

Note: If pop up is not coming then do follow this steps : 1. Download My jio app older version 3.2.05. 2. Clear all the app from recent menu 3. Turn off your data or Wifi. 4. Open MyJio, You will see the optiom to Get Jio Sim. 5. Now turn on your data and proceed further. 6. After that login to your My jio account. 7. Wait for few seconds, a  popup will arrives . Just submit it and you are done.

2. I have generated the barcode from one mobile and I want to use it on other device, Can I??

Yes, you definitely can. Previously it was said by the Jio care that it can be used on that phone only from where the barcode is generated. But you can use it in any 4G phone. I have tried it and it is working well in that smartphone too.Â

3. Can i Call any number, If my mobile is not Volte supported??

Yes, you can. For the customers who don’t have Volte supported device, they can download the Jio Join app from playstore and can avail the calling feature in the Non Volte supported device too.

If you have Volte supported device, then there is no need to download the Jio Join App. You can directly call it from the default phone dialer.

4. Can i Get the Jio Sim from device other than Lyf, Samsung etc??

Yes, you can! Now it is available to all 4G user. All 4G smarphone is now eligible for this offer. You just need to generate the barcode and visit the digital xpress or xpress mini and grab a new sim from there without paying any charges.

5. Will I buy the sim from Local shop which is selling at Rs 300 ,Rs 200 or whats so ever?

No, Never buy the sim from local store. For the time being, it is only available in the digital xpress or xpress mini.

Not a single shop have the permission to sell the Jio sim other than Dx or Dx Mini. And dont pay for the sim to Dx or Dx mini store. If they are asking for money then complain it to the Jio Customer Care. They will handled it.

6. How to Activate the Jio Sim??

For the activation, Dial 1977 from your dialer and give the necessary details like your last four digit of adhaar card number, Verify your address etc. After the verification, your sim will get activated in 30 min or 60 min.Â

7. My Jio Sim is not recognised or I Am not getting any signal??

Make sure that you are using the sim in the primary slot. If not, then put the Jio sim in the primary slot. As only the Primary slot is fully 4G supported in most of the devices. If you are not getting 4G data signal then confirm that you have configured the APN setting and change the preferred network type to 4G LTE  by going into Setting > Mobile Network> Preferred Network Type.

8. Data is working But the calling does not?

If your mobile is Volte supported, Then make sure that you have activated the Volte in the Setting option.

If your device is not Volte supported, Then download Jio Join app from playstore  and avail the free calling feature from there.

9. Can I use the Jio Sim in my 3G mobile??

Yes, you can! I have made a separate article on ‘How to use Jio sim card in any 3G mobile’ . I have explained it in 2 easy methods.

10. Can i change from Welcome Offer to Preview offer ??

The trick I used was working some days ago but as of now despite showing Preview offer, You will not get good speed

11. What is the validity of Jio welcome offer??

The validity of Welcome offer is upto 31 Dec, 2016. You will get daily 4gb 4G data for this time period.

12. Why I am not getting speed after using the 4Gb data??

In the Preview Offer, There was no data restrictions. But in the Welcome offer, upto 4Gb data you will get hi speed data and after that you will get speed upto 128kbps.

13. Is Jio Sim card is available online to buy?

No, it is not available online. You can but it only from Dx or Dx Mini store.

14. My jio sim card is not Activated?

It will hardly takes 2 days for the sim to get activated. If your documents is from other state then it may take more time.

As of now, there is huge demand of Jio sim So it may take more than 2 days.Â

15. What documents are required to get Jio sim?

You need to submit the adress proof, identity proof and a one password size photograph. Make sure your identity card and adress proof is well printed. Also some of the Dx store are asking for 2 photographs.

16. How to activate only Data feature?

Dial  1800-890-1977 to activata only the Data offer.

17. How can I customer Jio customer support??

Dial 1800-88-9999 [From other sim other than Jio]

Dial 198 or 199 [From your Jio sim card]

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