All You Need To Know About Jio Prime : Plan, How To Activate, Validity!

Jio Prime Membership, How To Activate Jio Prime Membership, Jio Prime Plan

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The dajio prime offerys of free Jio 4G service are numbered. It is going away. Once the Jio Happy New Year expires on March 31, the Jio service will no longer be free.  A lot of people use Jio as a data SIM card because it is free. And it is possible that a lot of these Jio users drop off the network once the Jio 4G is no longer free.

As said by Mukesh Ambani, Currently, Jio has over 100 million users. The challenge for the company now is to retain these users after March 31. This is where the Jio Prime comes in. Jio Prime membership will cost you Rs 99 for 12 months. So lets understand all this in brief.

jio prime plan

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What Is Jio Prime ?

Jio Prime is a privileged Membership subscription for Jio Users. This subscription will continue offering the Unlimited Data and Voice which Jio is offering currently. It will also offer the entire bouquet of Jio Services for free including JioTV, JioMags, JioCinema, JioNewspaper, JioMusic, etc.

Lastly, Jio Prime Users will get special discounted offers from other partner companies.

How Much Jio Prime Membership Cost?

Jio Prime subscription has been priced at Rs. 99 per year by Reliance Jio. However, to get the free mobile data and other benefits, you will need to pay another Rs. 303 per month for the next 12 months to continue getting the data benefits.

How To Activate Jio prime Membership?

To activate Jio Prime, you can use the My Jio app. Or you can visit any telecom shop or Jio store or Digital Store that is offering Jio SIM. The staff at these stores will enable the Jio Prime membership for you Jio number.

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How Much It Cost You For 1 Year?

For Jio Prime membership, you have to pay Rs 99 for one year[one time only] and another Rs. 303 per month for the next 12 months to continue getting the data benefits similar as you are getting in Happy New Year.

So Total money you have to pay for 1 year is : Rs. 99 (One-time payment)+ 12x Rs. 303 (Recharge per month)= Rs. 3,735.

FAQ On Jio Prime Membership

1. What is Jio Prime?
Ans: Jio Prime will let you enjoy all the services just like you’re doing right now for one full year, with complimentary access to Jio Digital Services and apps.

2. How much does it cost?
Ans: A one-time payment of Rs. 99 only. The subscription must be purchased during the period between 1st March, 2017 to 31st March, 2017.

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3. What are the charges I need to pay per month?
Ans: Rs. 303 per month.

4. What do I get if I enroll?
Ans: You will get 1GB LTE data per day, unlimited calls, unlimited messages and free roaming for a year.

5. What is the total amount payable during the offer period?
Ans: Rs. 99 (One-time payment)+ 12x Rs. 303 (Recharge per month)= GT-Rs. 3,735 payable.

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6. Is there any FUP limit?
Ans: You will get 1GB LTE data per day (365GB data for one year). After 1GB/day FUP limit speed will be reduced as per terms and conditions.

7. What about calls, SMS, roaming, Jio Apps?
Ans: All of these will be free.

8. Will I be eligible for Jio Happy Hour?
Ans: Yes, you can enjoy unlimited high-speed LTE data between 2AM-5AM. To know more Click Here


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