Get Blue Verified Badge On Twitter : Step By Step Guide!

Get Blue Verified Badge On Twitter : Step By Step Guide!

How To Get Blue Verified Badge On Twitter

How To Get Blue Verified Badge On Twitter, How To Get Approved On Blue Badge On Twitter

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Today I will tell you how you can get a blue verified badge on Twitter. Some days ago, Twitter has officially open this for everyone. So this is a good opportunity for those who want verified  badge on their twitter account. To get blue badge, you have to submit a form and after full filling all the Twitter requirements you will get the verified badge.

Before going to the tutorial, First know about it :what it is and what are the advantage to get verified badge on twitter.

About Twitter Badge: Blue Verified Badge means that you are real and your twitter account handle is authentic. There are many page made of your name, same pic etc. So there is difficulty in finding who is the real one. Hence Twitter has open this so that anyone can verify the authentic one.

Advantage Of Getting Verified On Twitter:  There are many advantage to get a verified badge On Twitter-

• Anyone searching for you can easily know which one is real and authentic one. Without verified badge it is too difficult to find a real one as there are many account of the same name which appears in the search result. So you can’t identify the real one and get confused.

• Like When anyone search your name then your account will be at the top of the search results.

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Eligibilty To Get Badge: There are certain criteria which you must pass to get a verified badge

• First your phone number and email of your account must need to be verified.

• You must put your original profile pic and also put a header image.

• You need to have a website if you are individual one.

Not important for business account.

• Set Tweet Piracy To Public to be eligible to get verified badge.

• Fill all the basic of your account like your birthday etc.

How To Get Blue Verified Badge On Twitter ??

To get approved on twitter blue badge, you have to submit a form. Twitter will verified your credentials and once they verified fully they will notice you whether you got Verified badge or not.

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Submitting The Form To Get Blue Verified Badge On Twitter:

1. First you need to login to your account. After log in , Go to twitter verification page Click Here

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2.As you are logged before So twitter automatically show the username which you want to get verified.

3. If you are individual then don’t tick the box which say : Check here if this is a company or brand or organization account.  If you want to register as a company then tick this box.

4. Now Click Next. Now if you have full fill their eligibility criteria then it will take you to the next step. Otherwise it shows Account Not Eligible For Review and you will also get the reason fot that. So first full fill their required criteria and come back.

5. In the next step, You have to show the website by which they  can check your info information so that they can verified it. Just give your own website or you can also give your social profile. If you have only one website then give this website together with your social profile like facebook, twitter, linked in etc.

6. In the next step, you will asked why you want to get verified badge. This is the main step so Give some genuine reason so that they find it true.

7. After writing the description, Click Next. And it will take you to review your preferences and after reviewing it, Submit it.

8. That’s it. You will see a Thank you page which say that they have received your request and once they verified it they will notice you via email.

9. They will reply you very soon whether you get badge or not. So keep eyes on your mail.

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What If My Application Got Rejected : If your application got rejected for some reasons then you can reapply for it, But only after 30 days. They will tell you the reasons why it got rejected. So first remove the problems due to which it was rejected before and apply for the the verification badge again.

Thats all for now, Hope you like this article.

If you have any doubts or problem, Just ask in the comment section below. I will respond to your doubts very soon and will try to solve your doubts.

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