How To Fix No Coverage or Call drop Issue In Reliance Jio

How To Fix No Coverage Call drop Issue In Reliance Jio
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Jio user are facing many issues during calling or using data. In this article I have explain all this and will tell you the probable solution to rectify it.

 Contrary to what Reliance Chief, Mukesh Ambani said during the commercial launching of Jio, getting a Reliance Jio sim card these days is far from being easy. But even if you managed to get yourself one with some luck, using the sim card to its full potential is another headache. There are many problem in Jio which need to be rectified.

No Service’/ ‘Emergency Call’  is one of the most common and equally annoying issue for every mobile user, be it on airtel or vodafone. And in the case of Reliance Jio, it is the worst.

Issue that Many Reliance Jio customers are facing today is that they are not able to make calls as easily as one would hope for. Like if you want to call anyone then you have to to dial his number 10 times. And in that 10 times too, there is very less chance that the call will get connected.

 This problem was not from the starting when it was launched for Lyf handset and some selected Samsung handset but after the availability of Jio to everyone, it gets worst.

As of now Almost everyone is  facing Network drop, No signal coverage issue in Reliance Jio. So Today I have come with some of the possible solution of both Network issue and Call drop issue.

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Check The Possible solutions for No Signal Issue in Reliance Jio 4G :

1. Make sure that Jio security service is turned on. If not, then

To do so : Go to Phone Setting>Accessibility>JioSecurity Service>Turn It On

Note: My Jio Security service is Off , still I am getting the signal. So it is not important to turn it on if you are getting the signal. But If you are not getting any signal then do this.

2. Change the Prefered Network type to LTE only.

You can do this by going into Setting>Mobile Network>Preffered Network Type.

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If it is set for Prefer LTE and there is no option to change it to LTE only then You need to go to Engineering mode . To go into this : Dial *#*#4636#*#* , From there go to Phone Information and Set the Prefered Network Type To LTE only.

3. If you are still not getting the network then check that you have put the sim in the Primary slot. As only primary sim supports the  spectrum bands compatible with Reliance Jio Signal(800 MHz,1800 MHz and 2300 MHz).

3. You can also solve this problem by doing PING test.

For this you have to go to Engineering mode by dialing *#*#4636#*#*. Then click on Phone Information and then click on Run Ping Test.

After the completing of ping test it will ask for reboot. Reboot it and its done.

 Check The Possible Solution For the Call Drop Issue In Reliance Jio

1.Make sure that your mobile data is on while calling anyone from the Reliance Jio sim.

2. Make sure the you have activated the Volte feature .

For doing so, Go to Setting >Sim Card and Mobile Network>and enabled the Volte Feature.

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3. If your device doesn’t support Volte, Then download the Jio Join app (Now JioVoice4G) from the playstore. It will allow you do the voice calling and also true 4g voice calling.

4. If it say ‘recepient is busy’ when calling someone then turn on the aeroplane mode for some seconds(10-15sec) and switch off it again and then try.

NOTE: Many telcos are currently in dispute with Reliance Jio. So while calling, if you are getting a network busy alert, probably that’s because other networks are blocking you from calling their customers. In this case, you cant do anything and just wait for the dispute between them get solved.

That’s all for now, Hope you like this article.

Thank you.

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