How To Clear Cached And Cookies Files In Chrome Browser

How To Clear Cached And Cookies Files In Chrome Browser

clear cached and cookies files in chrome
How To Clear Cached And Cookies Files In Chrome Browser

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Do you know that many website store cached and cookies files in your computer? Those cached and cookies files are small sized that your browser stores on your computer for so many reasons. They help you to stay logged into your favourite website like twitter, facebook or any other else.

However, after a while of using Google Chrome, due to this saved cookies or cached file your computer or desktop might run slower and sometime it may ran into a problem like chrome stopped unexpectedlyThis issue happens because of too many cached files and cookies data are stored into your computer.

 So How you can you get rid of this problem. ?
For this situation, you need to clear the cached and cookies files which is stored into your computer.
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Cached files are temporary & unnecessary files such as images, videos etc, which are stored on your computer in order to load websites faster. Whenever you visit a website, more files will be stored on your computer, in the temporary folder. Over time, this folder will grow up and take a lot of your storage space. So, removing these files of your Google Chrome browser will help you to speed up your browser as well as give you more free space.
Similarly, Cookies are files that store specific information of specific websites. You might have noticed that when you clear cookies on your browser, any website, you are already logged into will ask you for login again.


1. Clearing Cached And Cookies File in Desktop

Method 1 

1. In the browser bar, enter:


2. Select the following option

⇒ Cookies and other site and plug in data

⇒ Cached Image And Files

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NOTE- In the Top Side Of the Tool Bar “Obliterate the following items from” You can choose the time upto which you want to delete cached or cookies data.

 3. Now Click On Clear Browsing Data

That’s it, You have successfully cleared all the cached and cookies data on your desktop.

Method 2

Go to the top-right corner of your Google Chrome browser, and then click on “Menu” button.

Next, select “More tools”, and then select “Clear browsing data as shown in the image below.

Now Do The Similar Steps which you Followed In The Method 1 Of Step 2.

Note – You should also delete the History to speed up the Browser. For this tick on the Browsing History and Download History as shown in in above image.

2. Clearing Cached And Cookies Data in Mobile Version

Method 1

You can clear the Cached and Cookies data on your mobile by following these steps:

1. Click on the 3 Dots menu at the top right corner.

2. Now click on History

3. In the bottom you will see ‘Clear Browsing Data. Click on this.

4. Tick on ” Cookies And Site Data” & ” Cached Images and Files”

5. Now click on Clear Data and You are Done

Method 2

You can do this by another steps too.

1. Clicking The 3 Dots Menu at the top right corner of your android device.

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2. And from there Choose Settings> Privacy> Clear Browsing Data.

3. Now tick on ‘Cookies and site data’ and ‘Cached image and files’ and Clear Data.

That’s it!

I hope this article will help you to understand how to clear cached and cookies files in chrome as well as how to clear browsing history and other data from your chrome browser in desktop as well as on mobile device.