How To Book Tatkal Ticket Online Very Fast | Tatkal Booking Tricks 2017

Book Tatkal Ticket Online Very Fast, Tatkal Autofill Extension, Tatkal Booking Tricks 2017, How To Book Tatkal Ticket Successfully

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How To Book Tatkal Ticket Online Very Fast : To book a Tatkal ticket is like winning a big lottery :p Yep It is true. Booking a tatkal ticket is very difficult as thousands of users were also trying their luck along with you. As only a small amount of seat is available for ticket booking and number of users trying their luck is like hundred of thousands. So it is obivious that there is very small chance of getting ticket booked successfully. So there are tatkal ticket agent who charge extra Rs 200-400 for booking successfully. Have you ever wondered How do they book successfully? Do they have some magic? Nope. These agent just use some tricks which I am enclosing here. Why to pay extra amount when you can easily book tatkal ticket. Just follow the below methods and Book Tatkal Ticket Online Very Fast.

TATKAL Ticket Booking Timing

The reservation under tatkal scheme will open at 10am on the previous day of journey from train originating station for AC classes whereas that for non-AC classes will start at 11am on the previous day of journey from train originating station. Indian railways changed the tatkal quota code from CK and CKWL to TQ and TQWL respectively.

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Updated Tatkal Scheme And Tatkal Rules 2017 

Tatkal Ticket Charges : The Tatkal Charges have been fixed as a percentage of fare at the rate of 10% of basic fare for second class and 30% of basic fare for all other classes subject to minimum and maximum as given in the table below.

Tatkal Charges applicable for journey starting from 24.12.2015 onwards

Class of TravelMinimum Tatkal Charges (in Rs.)Maximum Tatkal Charges

(in Rs.)

Minimum Distance for charge(in Km)
Reserve Second sitting (2S)10.0015.00100
AC Chair Car125.00225.00250
AC 3 Tier300.00400.00500
AC 2 Tier400.00500.00500

Documents Needed During Tatkal Ticket Booking

At the time of Tatkal ticket booking no need to furnish identity proof, Only one passenger needs to produce any one of the following proof of identity in the original during the journey:-

1.Voter Photo identity card issued by Election Commision of India.


3.PAN Card issued by Income Tax Department.

4.Driving Licence issued by RTO.

5.Photo identity card having serial number issued by Central/State Government.

6.Student Identity Card with photograph issued by recognized School/College for their students.

7.Nationalized Bank Passbok with photograph.

8.Credit cards issued by banks with laminated photograph.

9.Unique Identification Card “Aadhaar”.

10.Photo identity cards having serial number issued by Public Sector Undertaking of State/Central Government, District Administration, Municipal bodies and Penchant Administration.

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Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Charges 

No refund will be granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets/duplicate tatkal ticket except in case of circumstances mentioned in para 2 of instructions contained in Commercial Circular no. 53 of 2006 issued vide letter no. 2006/TGII/ 20/P/Tatkal, dated 30.06.2006. However, full refund of fare and tatkal charges will be granted on the tickets booked under Tatkal scheme in the following circumstances :-

  • If the train is delayed by more than 3 hours at the journey originating point of the passenger & not the boarding point if the passenger’s journey originating point and boarding point are different.
  • If the train is to run on a diverted route and passenger is not willing to travel.
  • If the train is to run on diverted route and boarding station or the destination or both the stations are not on the diverted route.
  • In case of non attachment of coach in which Tatkal accommodation has been earmarked and the passenger has not been provided  accommodation in the same class.
  • If the party has been accommodated in lower class and does not want to travel. In case the party travels in lower class, the passenger will be given refund of difference of fare and also the difference of Tatkal charges, if any.

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IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tricks 2017

Pre Requirement For Tatkal Booking Tricks

1. Fast Internet Conection : You need to have fast internet connection for increasing chances of booking tatkal ticket. If you dont have, then it is very tough as there is huge load on server during the tatkal timing. So you must have need to have fast internet connection.

2. IRCTC Account : You must need to have a IRCTC account for booking tatkal ticket. If you dont have then make a new account by going on their official website.

3. Use Chrome Browser 

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4. Tatkal Autofill Extension the name of which I am sharing below.

Fastest And Best Tatkal Autofill Extension : The extension which i am using is Book Tatkal. This is the best tatkal autofill extension by which you can increase your chances upto 100% of booking Tatkal ticket. According to me, It is better than Magic Autofill for Tatkal Booking. So I am using this while booking tatkal. I am giving you the link to download that Tatkal autofill extension. You can also download it from extension store by searching Book Tatkal.

Advantage Of Book Tatkal Autofill Extension : It is the best autofill extension available in the chrom store with a ration of 4.6*. There is no need to install any adblock as this extension is preloaded with adblock and it will block all the ads irctc ticket page and speed up your page loading time. It also exact IRCTC time So you can set up your laptop/desktop time according with that.

Note : DO NOT use same  irctc login details on multiple browsers simultaneously as irctc can  detect it and log you out from all sessions.

Steps To Follow To Book Tatkal Ticket Online Very Fast With Tatkal Autofill Extension | Tatkal Booking Tricks 2017

1. First of all, Download this extension Click Here

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2. After downloading it, Add it to chrome browser.

3. Once the extension is installed successfully, You will see a new icon of Book Tatkal at right side on the top of browser.

4. Click on that icon, It will redirect you to new tab.

tatkal autofill extension, tatkal booking tricks 2017

5. Now Create a new form data.

  • In the login details, Enter your IRCTC username and password.
  • In the Train Details, Enter the train number for which you want to book tatkal ticket and Journey date etc.
  • In the Passenger Details, Enter the detail of passenger like name, age etc.
  • In the payment details, Enter your bank details through which want to pay for booking tatkal ticket

Book Tatkal Ticket Online Very Fast

6. Once you filled all these detail. Come 10 minute before tatkal ticket booking timing.

7. Now click on the icon and then Book Now. It will take you to tatkal ticket booking page of the train you have filled earlier in Book tatkal extension.

Note : This tatkal autofill extension fill all the necessary details for you. It will log in to your irctc account and take you to the tatkal booking page.

8. At exact 11 am, Click on Book Now and it will directly take you to the payment page.

  • It will fill all the details like your Name, Age, Preffered berth automatically with that saved details with the help of tatkal autofill extension.

9. Pay the amount with your preferred payment mode.

In this way, you can Book Tatkal Ticket Online Very Fast with the help of Tatkal Autofill Extension.

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Some More Tatkal Booking Tricks 2017 To Book Tatkal Ticket Online Very Fast

Tatkal Booking Tricks 2017 : Here is some more tips to increase chances of booking tatkal ticket.
  • Create more than one credentials for logging on to irctc website. If you have only one login details, borrow one from your friend or  family. Trying to book ticket parallely using multiple browser/computer  always increases chances of getting a tatkal ticket. DO NOT use same  irctc login details on multiple browsers simultaneously as irctc can  detect it and log you out from all sessions.
  • Make payment using netbanking (preferable by HDFC or ICICI bank) as this is the fastest mode of payment : Book Tatkal Ticket Online Very Fast using these payment mode. If you choose to pay by cards you need to enter long card numbers and  lot of other details which takes time. Also credit card sometimes  involves OTP generation which further takes away 1-2 minutes. So payment  by netbanking is the safest option for tatkal ticket booking.

Tatkal Booking Tricks | Book Tatkal Ticket Online Very Fast | Tatkal Autofill Extension

Video Guide On How To Book Ticket with Book Tatkal Autofill Extension | Tatkal Booking Tricks 2017

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