Amazon Trick : How To Earn Unlimited Amazon Gift Voucher Per Month

Amazon Trick : How To Earn Unlimited Amazon Gift Voucher Per Month

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Hey Folks, Today I am here with a awesome trick by which you can earn Rs 200- Rs 400 Amazon gift voucher every month by just installing a small app. This offer is genuine and I am personally using this for the last two months and also received the amazon gift voucher for that. The app which I am talking about is Mobile Expression which is designed as a survey panel to check out what the populist trends and common behaviors are in the mobile Internet world.

ABOUT MOBILE EXPRESSION : It is a company that does just what its name implies, it let’s you express your opinion on a mobile device. It is one Of the oldest app which has been providing Jabong And Amazon gift vouchers just by keeping the app on your smartphone.

HOW IT WORKS : Basically you sign up for Mobile Expressions by registering your device. You have to install a tracking software on your phone that monitors your internet usage. After installing the program and keeping it on your device you will be eligible for the offer.

Steps To Follow :

  1. First of all Go to Mobile expression Site from Here
  2. Now go to register tab and register a new account. You will have to enter your smartphone name from the list to know whether you are eligible for this or not. If you are eligible then follow the next step. If not then try on another smartphone.
  3. Now fill all detail like your name, email,city etc and it will also ask to fill a small survey, Fill it and then click on submit.
  4. Now you will receive a mail on the email which you gave while registering. Now go through that email and download their software.
  5. After downloading the software just log in to it and now you are done.
  6. Just keep the app in the phone.
  7. Every week go to the app and collects the points from there. When you collects 20 points then you can redeem it for Rs 200 Amazon Gift Voucher.h

Points To Remember :

⇔ Don’t try too signup again and again on the same device via different email accounts, It may block your account.

⇔ You have to check your accounts every week to claim your points And after you reach Required criteria , You Can redeem your points for Amazon Gift Voucher.

⇔ If you are not eligible for the offer then try in another mobile and follow the same step.

⇔ Just Keep the App in the phone and earn Amazon gift voucher every month for free.

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