Airtel Direct Trick : Get Unlimited HighSpeed 3G Data February 2017!

Airtel Direct Trick : Get Unlimited HighSpeed 3G Data February 2017!

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Airtel Direct Trick: This is for those who dont have 4G Mobile so cant use Jio sim. If you have Jio then better stay away from it 🙂
I am back with Airtel Direct Trick. There is no any VPN, Proxy or other settings needed to work this trick. Using this Airtel Direct Trick You can use unlimited 3g internet same as when you recharge with normal 3g packs. But this trick needs some money. Means we need to do some small recharge packs to work this trick. This Airtel Direct Trick is Working fine in Rajasthan, Bihar, Up west, Odissa and Others State Users give a Try.
  • An Airtel Sim Card With 3G Mobile
  • Manage 0 Balance Or Less Balance (Recommended)
  • Unlimited 2G Internet Pack
  • Small 3G Internet Pack On Daily Basis

Feature Of This Airtel Free Data Tricks February 2017

* No need of any VPN apps or other apps
* No sim blocking issues

* Sharing Internet data by USB tethering and WiFi Hotspot are possible. So you can share your unlimited data with other devices also. that is you can enjoy free internet on PC also.
* No rooting required.

Steps To Follow For Airtel Direct Tricks :

1) Recharge with unlimited 2G plan

2) Activate a small 3G plan

Note : Recharge with any small 3g pack. [ Recommended : RS 29 3g pack or Rs 21 For Rajasthan, Rs.27 for Bihar circle]

3) Now use normally

4) When balance reach to 10mb then u will get a message that and afterwards u will be get 2G speed !

5) Now simply add a number to family share And speed will be back !

NOTE : To Add This : Goto ” Create Message ” & Enter  ” ADD <Any Airtel Number> “  For Example Write  ADD XXXXXXXXXX   & Send it to 121
6) Now use net slowly
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7) And stop using net When net is 1mb and again connect and open google on browser and then check balance (Repeat this step untill u see u have only 0.20mb in main ac) [Check your remaining Data From Official Sites Like AIRTEL PORTAL , MY AIRTEL Or Through Dialling *121*2# 
8) When balance reached to 0.20mb then disconnect net and put into flight mode and wait 30sec and turn it on and if u see U are getting network (3G) then u are lucky otherwise just deactivate it by (3G to 121 And STOP 3G) And reactivate by dialing to customer care (198 Or 121)

9) After activating 3g. Now restrict backgroud data And then connect internet.

10) Now open uc and use 0.05mb and u will be see 0.15mb will be there in ur ac and also that time disconnect net and u will be get share data balance exhausted message but dont worry As check balance and there u will see 0.15mb is still there !

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11) Now again connect net and restrict background data and Do ADD-REMOVE-ADD Family share 2 times and at last make sure family share activated !

 Thats it ! Enjoy unlimited Data With Airtel Free Data Tricks 2017.

Points To Remember In Airtel Direct Trick:

1) Disable all news,cricket,notification in uc otherwise u cant use 0.05mb as news,cricket will take all ur data at a glance !

2) Force stop all running apps which can use net !

3) Use lite mode in uc to use 0.05mb in a session !